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Akvarelli maalaus 56x75 cm

Maalaus oli esillä Helsingissä Akvart Galleriassa. Nyt TAIKKA Taidelainaamossa Järvenpäässä.
Se on maalattu Sibeliuksen säveltämään, Aleksis Kiven suruisan kauniiseen runoon SYDÄMENI LAULU.
Hämyisä öinen lehto sulkeutuu hiljaisuuteen. Sydämeni lauluun.
The Source to my aquarelle is Aleksis Kivi’s melancholic poem. It is also a song composed By Jean Sibelius.

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Päivyt Niemeläinen
visual artist, MA

She is a significant Finnish visual artist who lives in Helsinki. She has been an active and
experimental artist over twenty years. During this time I have visited many of her exhibitions.
Every time the experience of her art has been a surprise because of their innovative character
both in content as well as in art methods. In the early period of her art career she made oil,
aquarelle, wax and tempera paintings. To expand her expression she also developed different
special methods, such as relief painting, and creating pictures in a prehistoric way like painting
with blood-water and pure pigments. She has used different kinds of art materials, like recycled
materials. She has also designed textiles, print fabrics, and posters and written manuscripts for
TV films.

Regarding the content of her art, the whole human life – in good and bad - and impressions of
nature, are in the focus of her art. The artist also “wanders” in the secret gardens of existence.
Her art gets sometimes also an inspiration from ancient great stories, and features of figures and
tunes of colors may spring deep symbolic content in her paintings. In recent years the artist has
made forceful anti-war art against greediness for money and violent oppression. This art acts as
a powerful comment on behalf of peace.

On the whole, I can set a great part of her art in the context of contemporary art due to the
variation of different art media and materials, as a sort of “serious art play”. Presumably
one reason for this has been her diverse education as a textile artist, in the academic field
at University of Helsinki (MA), and in many different art training programs.

Päivyt Niemeläinen has been invited to participate in numerous Finnish as well as international
exhibitions like in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany,
Italy, Japan, Malta, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and the USA. Her artworks have
been published in many international publications. She has paintings both in domestic and foreign
public and private collections. She has also memberships in many Art Associations and she has got
several grants in Finland and abroad.

Inkeri Sava, PhD
emerita professor in Art Pedagogy

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Relief Paintings
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